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Our Story


Hello! My name is Rosemary. A few years ago, I started a business with my mom, Katherine, and we created a series of educational tools for those looking to incorporate inclusive teaching into their classrooms and at home (specifically those with special needs). Katherine has over 30 years of experience as a special education teacher, inclusion specialist, and overall educator. These tools are her legacy that she always dreamed would be passed along to teachers and educators to transform the educational experience of students nationwide.


Unfortunately, in 2019, Katherine suffered a stroke that has brought our collaboration to a screeching halt. In an effort to support her recovery, I am re-launching our series in hopes of fulfilling the dream of spreading her legacy. All book proceeds and donations will go towards supporting Katherine as she navigates her stroke recovery.


Thank you for taking a look at what we’ve created, and I hope it’s helpful to you and your students/children!



Rosemary (Rosemary@enterlabyrinth.com)

Inclusive Curriculum

This was made for after school programs as well as homeschooling parents. We made 3 topics: Engineer, Athlete and World Citizen. Each topic has 4 books: Pre K-K, 1-2 grade, 3-4 grade, and 5-6 grade. They all include common core standards as well as engaging and inclusive activities.


Athlete Curriculum

Engineer Curriculum

World Citizen Curriculum


Katherine’s Book for Parents on How to Support Children with IEPs

Is your child unhappy at school? Is your child not achieving IEP goals? Are you feeling exhausted? Parents who have children with IEPs are often overwhelmed with expectations from doctors, educators, therapists and community members. It feels like no matter what they accomplish, someone is right there to criticize their actions or lack of actions. As a seasoned educator with 30+ years of experience, Katherine Johnson uses personal anecdotes to shed light on how she learned to create breakthroughs with even the most unlikely students. These timeless teaching principles can be easily implemented with your child by following Katherine’s proven 10 Steps to IEP Success. You as the parent know your child better than anyone. With the tools in this book, you will learn to leverage your energy and take charge of your child’s IEP goals!



Based on Katherine’s experience as a tutor working with student with Autism and Down Syndrome, we created a series of workbooks that can be used in the classroom or at home to promote math and writing skills.

Magazine for Special Need Teens

As Katherine tutored several special needs teens, she found that they craved something to read that was at their level, yet with a more mature look. Cobwebs Magazine is for teens/pre-teens with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other various Intellectual Disabilities. Each volume uses a wide variety of vocabulary in size 16 font, and focuses on creativity, life skills, inspiration, humor and decision making.



Free Webinars

Katherine and I made these webinars to help parents teach their children at home and support IEP goals.

They are all free, but you're welcome to donate to Katherine by clicking the donation button below!